CEO Message

Managing Director & CEO

The essence of light is one of the most important things in anyone’s life.

To fascinate a buildings form or design is a prerequisite of any lighting designer, to this end we at SOBER believe it our profession to assist in this process.

Founded in Bangladesh in 2006 SOBER has become the leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting and lighting fixtures/applications.

Our success has been based on a solid foundation of identifying our client’s requirements for sustainability, reliability, design and functionality.

Our history is reflected with taking the necessary steps to ensure our clients are presented with the best possible product and solution every time.

We have invested and shown great understanding on the use of a combination of smart eco technologies, smart design and smart work systems so we can help all clients reduce their impact on the environment without compromising their desire for design and comfort.

During the past 11 years of steady and continuous development, SOBER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES LTD. has taken great stride in enterprise management, quality enhancement and technology innovation.

We have worked tirelessly to gain the worldwide acclaim that our products have today testified with many awards, certificates and honors.

For the lighting designer all facts of interior and exterior lighting are covered within our range. Our Research and design center allows us to offer the latest in technology. This is not limited to lamp sources or control gear but as usual we take this all through into our manufacturing processes.